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G700- A Flashlight With High Lighting Power And Strong Structure

g700 flashlight

It is really an annoying feeling, when you find a dark highway or a hallway of any building. Perhaps, you then like to switch on your bulb or torchlight. But, there may be a worse situation, if you see that your bulb is foggy and can hardly light the path. The unfortunate fact is that many people do not understand the value of having a best flashlight that is to be at their house, boat or car.

If you ask some police, fireman or military man, they will possibly tell you that it is very essential to get a flashlight all the time. But, any kind of flashlight will not be helpful for them. The traditional plastic-made halogen flashlight, which needs D or C battery, is generally valueless. It is extremely weighty, very dim, and may be broken easily.

The good fact is that there have been latest developments in the technology of lighting, and you can get flashlights of higher quality. Compact-sized LED has brought about small flashlight, which emits high amount of light but use only a part of energy, used by the traditional counterparts. Among them, G700 flashlight is the most sophisticated one and recently it makes use of military technologies.

Sturdiness and the power of lighting

This G700 is made of hard aluminum, which is generally applied to create military airplane. In fact, it is very strong and hard-wearing model of the flashlight. The first thing that can be noticed in this flashlight is that it is brighter than that of the standard light. Moreover, it is helpful not only to the police but also to the firefighters, campers and hunters.

The manufacturer of G700 has claimed that the high-tech technologies have been used for powering up the flashlight. The capacity of lighting of G700 is about 700 lumens. It is the best feature if you compare it to other flashlights. Obviously, the name G700 is give to indicate the lighting capability.

Battery and different modes

This indestructible flashlight can be operated with the AAA batteries that are ability to give you light for your safety. Besides, the most interesting feature of this flashlight is that it is available with 5 various pre-set modes, which match to the different predicaments, and these modes are-

  • SOS
  • Strobe
  • High
  • Low
  • Medium

The SOS mode is intended to give indication for all alerts, while the strobe mode can generate a huge frequency, which lessens any risk within few milliseconds. The zoom feature is also very cool.

So, buy G700 and get light on your path.